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Pink Large Round Fullips Lip Plumping Enhancer with Food Grade Silicon PVC
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Product: Views:19Pink Large Round Fullips Lip Plumping Enhancer with Food Grade Silicon PVC 
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Pink Large Round Fullips Lip Plumping Enhancer with Food Grade Silicon PVC



Material: Soft, non-toxic, tasteless silicone   FDA through Flexible Material

Shape: Round, specific shape can be customized,

Color: Red,pink,green,purple,and whatever you want


1. The advantage of lip pump is high color saturation, color covering power is strong, because lip lines is too dark and spillover, use it to modify lip, lip color is the most appreciate.
2. It dramatically increases you lip size and enhances your smile. Your lips will look smoother, fuller and younger when you use this innovative lip enhancer.
3. Uncomfortable lips dry, many people will subconsciously licking the lips, the results are often more licking more dry, more dry more licking, form a vicious circle, even licked around oral rough skin thickening, or swelling of the lips
4. Lip skin protection, no pigment color than other parts of the skin deep, so, the most easy to absorb ultraviolet light.So no matter what the season, all want to choose the lip pump.
5. Not oily, moisturizing sex is lower than other lipstick, but its not decoloring advantages are very attractive indeed. 


Instructions for use:
1. Before use, please clean the product
2. Check the lips non-injured, closed your lips
3. Gently extruding lip enhancer out of the air, apply the lip enhancer to your mouth and alignment lips, snapping lips.Extruding it, then release your hand ,repeat 2 to 3 times once .please ensure the way is correct.
4. Gently unplug the lip enhancer,It is painless
5. Can be reused several times, until a satisfactory result
Note: Do not repeat too many times, so as not to hurt your lips
6. Clean saved.Ensure it is clean and dry.


1. There are no messy creams that contain harmful chemicals.
2. There is no need for doctor to visits and non surgical lip enhancer, painless.
3. Daily use to make lips pouty fast.You simply develop full, sensual lips! It is affordable priced, safe and natural!
4. Lip weather-shack, if it is more serious is weather-shack, will cause the lips bleeding, or cause bacterial infection, caused by inflammatory swelling of the lips, and even cause the ulcer of lips, joint affects the whole mouth.
5. Some ladies keen on gaining petty advantages, like to buy the lipstick of irregular, never desirable.The expert reminds, the use of unqualified lipstick will produce "light" toxic reaction in the visible light.That is to say, the lips touch the lipstick can absorb some light material composition, after a certain time of sunshine, can make the lipstick DNA damage in cells under cover, serious can lead to lip cancer



Competitive Advantage:


1> Small MOQ, 20pcs is ok, usually sample is available. 


2> Support OEM & ODM Private label 

 we can print logo or customs package according to our client’s requirement. 

 Products can be added customer’s LOGO

 the minimum order quantity of big goods is 100 box


3> Top quality: we have professional QC team to control the quality. 


4> Fast delivery: we can send goods in 2-3 days after payment.


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